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The human factors of cybersecurity, privacy, and impacts of digital lilteracy

Ruth Shillair, Ph.D. student, researcher

Exploring the impacts of technology
Michigan State University,
Communication Arts & Sciences,
Media & Information Studies

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Quello Center
The Quello Center is to stimulate and inform the debate on media, communication, and information policy. My role at the Quello Center is to examine how to improve the cybersecurity environment through multiple dimensions: education, motivation, policy, and technological solutions.
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Online Banking Safety
Online banking is popular as it offers great convenience. Understanding safety perceptions and how different users and different age groups protect themselves in this realm is one of the objectives of this study. In this study I helped run focus groups, analyze data, design our website, design tutorials, and write up results.
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Older Adults and Technology
This project examined the impacts of learning of technology use on older adults. We coded interviews and wrote up the results of interviews.
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Annals of the ICA
Quality journals publishing cutting edge research is important to advance science. Our journal has a new editor and we are looking for quality theoretical papers.

Improving cybersecurity is a crucial issue that requires multi-dimensional interdisciplinary work Global Cybersecurity Capacity Centre.


I've been blessed to work with numerous scholarsGoogle Scholar Citations.


Also, researching online safety,especially how different age cohorts understand safety. Our project is called Online Safety for the ages.


Also researching how technology can help diverse and marginalized populations.Working on iPad adoption among senior citizens with Dr. Shelia Cotten.

Reasons to talk?

Online safety, cybersecurity and human behavior is very complicated. The challenges in this realm require multi-discipline approaches to find solutions. If you have a research interest that you feel would work well with my interests and want to work collaboratively, please contact me.
learning and the diffusion of information.


Some of my publications

Computer safety is important to all of us. However, all of us do not have the same skills or backgrounds. How do we design effective communications to encourage individuals to have safe practices?

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Older adults are often struggle to use technology, could iPads be a key to improve access?

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Cybersecurity threats are constantly changing- getting users into a mindset of change will make a difference.

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Contact me

I am interesting in networking with others who are interested in how technology can improve: education, diffusion of information, generative communities, and life. This is only possible as we work together to improve online safety.
At MSU we have a diverse and talented group of researchers in our department that are pursuing a wide range of research. We are always interested in outstanding researchers and students who also have a passion for excellence.
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